Due to fast paced fashion and the dominance of mass production, the story of the master craftsman is dwindling. The idea behind Harry Mundy's work is to create handmade clothes, to the highest standard, by working with British craftsmen and women. They utilise skills, that in some cases have taken a life time to hone, in singular commitment to their craft. With this knowledge, dedication to detail and use of top quality wool, cashmere, silk, leather and cotton, he hopes to create clothes of truly outstanding quality and beauty that will last a lifetime, all tailored to capture the best in British clothing.

All the shirts are hand-made in Chard, Somerset and the ties are hand-folded and stitched in Balham, London and Southwell, Nottinghamshire. The suits, trousers, jackets and waistcoats are tailored by Joe Morgan and his team at No. 12 Savile Row.

Harry began his training age 17 with Vivienne Westwood and then continued it on Savile Row with Joe Morgan of Chittleborough and Morgan. He has since returned to Vivienne Westwood to design Menswear for her.